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Are you looking for an efficient and reliable partner for the transport of mineral oils by ship in the Netherlands and/or its neighbouring countries?

In 2018 a new house style was chosen as well as a new team, as a result of which Trendco is ready for the future. Thanks to the team’s set-up the lines are short and switching can be done rapidly.

From our renovated office at the Merwekade in Dordrecht we have a view at the busy rivers Noord, Oude Maas and Beneden Merwede. Barges from and to Rotterdam, Belgium and Germany pass our home base every day. At Trendco a daily search is made for the most suitable solutions for our transport assignments. Our small organization ensures efficient and transparent communication.

Trendco is a modern office with a fleet of green barges that always responds to customer requirements of environment, safety and health. The mission and vision may be translated into five core values or vision statements …

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Trendco’s activities are certified in accordance with the standards of ISO9001: 2015. Not only because our customers desire this, but also to  keep the organization properly structured. Furthermore we safeguard our services via TMSA, by means of which we prove that our organization is constantly seeking improvement and learning from its mistakes.


The brokers are assisted 24/7 by the quality manager who knows exactly what is needed to allow a modern fleet and organization to work safely and efficiently. The quality manager manages several quality systems such as ISO9001:2015, TMSA, EBIS and all legislation and regulations that apply to our branch. Since the beginning of PZI (Platform Zero Incidents) Trendco has been concerned in the route to zero environmental and safety incidents in inland shipping. The platform shares and learns from near misses and incidents in the industry. 


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